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Ysgol Penycae Community Primary School

Respect and be respected. Value and be valued. Aim high


In Year 3 our topic this term is Japan


The children have been given a 'pupil voice' and have been asked to select the direction the topic will take.

So far, we have been learning about where Japan is. This is a Geography topic and therefore we will be looking at the landscape, position and population of the country.


We will use the topic as our inspiration for our English work (descriptive writing using the senses, and non fiction writing based on facts discovered by the children's own research) and we will link to other subjects wherever possible (science / design & technology / art etc)


In Mathematics we will be recapping on multiplication and division, and we are continuing to learn a variety of useful number facts which we can recall instantly! (doubling & halving, number bonds etc) as this will REALLY help all our maths work.


In our Welsh we are revising basic greetings, and learning how to talk about ourselves : where I live, when is my birthday, who is in my family etc.