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School Closure 2020

Summer Term 2020:


Hello Everyone,


We are missing you, and hope that you are keeping healthy and safe.


This is a very difficult time for us all, and we would like to let you know that the most important thing at the moment is that we are safe and well, rather than how many worksheets and tasks you are completing. 


We appreciate how much of a challenge it is, for you and your parents, with school closed, and we would like to say a HUGE well done, and thank you for completing tasks set on seesaw and uploading your work, photos and videos to show us how you're getting on at home; and also to those of you who are working through the paper packs too.


Remember, we can't recreate school at home, so we are more than happy to hear that you are keeping busy by helping out around your home and in your garden, as well as going on nature walks, and spending time playing with your pets, brothers and sisters (if you have any) and your parents.  All of these activities are teaching you important life skills, and will help you in the future.  As we look back and reflect on this time when Ysgol Penycae is closed, the weeks and months will only be a short period of time in our lives.  We want, more than anything, that you remember the sunny months of 2020, the time you spent without being near a classroom, but where you learned lots of new skills nevertheless.


We will catch up on formal learning when we are back together, so don't worry that you are falling behind or missing out, it will all be ok.  Making sure that you are healthy and happy is the main thing, and hearing that you are being well behaved for your parents too!


Keep smiling, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


From Mrs Dodd, Ms Brown, Mr Evans, Miss Davies and Miss Andrews